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Data Center


hand-right We are at your side to give you the boost that could change everything...


hand-right Professional technology, deft and manifest! 

hand-right With over 20 years of experience in technology and sales of numerous projects with renowned clients in medium-sized companies, universities, public institutions and freelancers, we are your partner for a reliable production, an organization of effective data, planning and advice.

hand-right Our system support gives you the security you need in your day-to-day work, including regular maintenance, system maintenance, monitoring, and quick help in the event of a problem. Warranty issues are always a boring affair. You can never rule out mistakes, but if something goes wrong, we are here for you and we will not leave you alone!

hand-right In close cooperation with Honds GmbH, we operate our servers in one of the largest and most modern data centers in the Aachen region: the Euregio data center.