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Our story

Stany hand-rightRare are we who plan alone more than five things to do the next day ... That's why for example everything in 'Artisan' is based on the principle of the hand! A hand has five fingers, imagine if she had three more! We would all count in hexadecimal, how easy to learn computer! There is also 'shake hands' before ... and especially ... after a deal. Do you know of another tool that can create so many tools? Of course it is our brain that directs it, which forces it, to create and sometimes even to kill, but sincerely, without it what would it be? The computer will not even exist, and yet if there is a tool that looks like this brain, it is it not? But in today's world, our brain has so many things to remember, to check, to calculate, that it can indeed praise without reservation the hand that made it, so recently in the history of humanity ... the computer. And the thumb will tell me without delay, is it not as necessary to our hand as it is to our brain? And you are 100 times right to put your finger on the thumb! What would the other four do without his help? But no matter how smart he is, what would he do without the other four? to be continued...

Founded on April 13, 1570 by Stany...

fab_bureaux hand-rightStany has been a FileMaker programmer for many years, so he also participates in the development of FileMaker programs in the Constitution Court, he gives training and creates, manages, or improves many FM databases for example at UCL and for other institutions. January 2017, big move for all our team, our new offices have a sight certe a little cold, but splendid! We are located in the heart of a region of the most beautiful and least polluted of Belgium, 500 meters from the famous lake of Bütchenbach.

come back soon to see us in spring or ... in summer on the lake.

lac hand-rightThis is not a joke ! Book your Sailboat Tour on the beautiful Lake Bütgenbach, with a snack on board !!! Your helmsman, Vito, and your servant, Stany, will make you spend a day like no other ... Lake Butgenbach is a reservoir located in Belgium in the province of Liège. Covering an area of 120 hectares (1.2 km2), it is erected at the confluence of the Warche and Holzwarche in 1932. Located in the Eastern Townships, bordering the Hautes Fagnes plateau, it is an attraction for tourists who can practice many water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking ... The water is clean and the atmosphere rather nice. This is a good option for those who do not want to travel to the coast to go swimming.

Offer reserved to our customers exclusively !!