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DocLoc_Smartphone Here is a recent application for our "Trust-E" customers. It allows them to save their documents to a FileMaker server in real time, via the web and from all their devices. Docloc leaves the choice of where the documents are stored, either on the FM server or another FTP server or even in a cloud, such as Dropbox or other.

hand-right If you are already working with "Trust-E" you immediately see the possibilities available here. Your documents or those of your tenants, managers can be consulted and used in real time and of course reminders of rents, letters etc ... will be written also in real time. For example, you ask tenants to take pictures of their electricity meters and send them by DocLoc and you simply have to enter your statements for the electricity company and all without having to move.

hand-right Similarly, when you notice a damage to the boiler, for example, you have documents (photos to) for your insurer. Displacements, deadlines or even directly the costs are reduced drastically, you will not be able to do without DocLoc in the future !

DocLoc (Stand alone version).

DocLoc_laptop This is the Stand alone version, which means that the application needs nothing but your "Trust-E" FM Solution in which to save the data.

hand-right Then, the "Trust-E" solution intelligently programmed to manage this data in its different tables, can automate the tasks to be performed following the encoded events ... It is of course optimized for a very wide range of devices equipped for the Web .

hand-right Your tenants only need a smartphone, a tablet or a PC equipped with any operating system, Linux, MacOs or other droids, even Windows !