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The solution "Artisan"

artisan hand-right The solution "Artisan" is intended for independent, craftsmen or other SME. 

hand-right Success depends on good organization, or good management.

hand-right To start an independent activity, to create a company is a demanding challenge and one can not say that there is a training preparing for this step. 

hand-right Beside the activity itself, one does not necessarily born manager. The only certainty is to get into cold water and ... swim. Having ourselves embarked on this dream, now a reality, we offer the versatile digital tool and poly-craftsmen that we would have dreamed of having at our start!

hand-right This large program is our spearhead, a consistent database comprising a multitude of tables organized in an intelligent and meticulous way. 

hand-right It allows all small and medium-sized businesses to register a collosal number of data that is for the most part interactive, ie a new customer, for example, once entered in the customer table is automatically in correspondence with other email tables, contacts, services, products etc... 

hand-right A tool that any freelancer or business dreams of having to be able to manage their work, their bills, their bank accounts and so many other things as efficiently as possible.

By demanding craftsmen for demanding craftsmen.
You want a little demonstration it is here.
"Whatever you dream of undertaking, start it. Audacity has genius, power and magic." Goethe