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hand-right MyCopyMaker allows you to transfer (or copy) accurate data between MySQL databases (hence the My) / other SQL databases, and FileMaker (hence the Maker) or vice versa. 
hand-right The goal is to automatically transfer the last records to synchronize 2 tables between 2 databases, according to a frequency that corresponds to your needs.
hand-right MCM can also sync 2 SQL bases or 2 FM bases, in the direction you want.
hand-right Decisive advantage: MCM does not store any data, which only transits. There is no storage space with us. And of course, we do not share any data. The traffic is encrypted. The security of your data is maximum.

hand-right You will no longer have to worry about updating the data. This will save you valuable time, and will remove audit worries. Notification emails keep you informed of the situation.

hand-right The possibilities are limitless. Example: on your site in WordPress you have forms that feed a table under MySQL. Your management is in FileMaker. We bridge the two worlds. Depending on a frequency that you can choose yourself, MCM will only transfer the latest records and keep the numbering up to date. You will therefore collect all the new registrations in the contact table in your FileMaker management.


hand-right After configuring the 2 databases to be synchronized, MCM will execute all transfers at fixed intervals as a reliable servant. Depending on the frequency of the changes and the amount of data received, you will choose a shorter or longer interval.

hand-right Of course, you can have multiple MCMs that operate in parallel on different types of data and different tables.

hand-right Example: You can import all user comments into your Drupal / Joomla / other site and import them to work with convenient FileMaker tools. You want to update a 'Products' page on a merchant site (eg Wordpress) from a FileMaker file etc...

hand-right The possibilities are unlimited and our pricing makes the realization accessible to all.

hand-right MCM Base is completely free, but MCM only runs once a week. If you want MCM to run more often you can purchase a Premium subscription, the MCM will then run once a day, or a Business subscription and the MCM will then run once every half hour.