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hand-right SmartForm allows you to create your own forms in a few clicks without specific computer skills.
hand-right Easily adaptable to all kinds of situations, for example for the registration of a new member of a non-profit association or sports club, new customer, aso... It can also serve as a poll of all types. The possibilities are endless, with or without 'captcha', files uploading, mail confirmations and of course in direct relation with your database.
hand-right For our customers who do not have a Filemaker license, we offer an alternative ...
hand-right Although specialized in managing Filemaker databases, we also offer the possibility to our customers to work with a database different from Filemaker, MariaDB or other SQL databases can also receive the information entered by our web forms.

hand-right You encode some information about your database and your SME, then you create your fields with a choice of multiple options such as type, list of values, whether the field is required or not aso... and the you're done ! All you have to do is place on your site the link to your form to be able to be used.


hand-right SmartForm can create records in your WordPress, Joomla or other databases without plugin and in a short time. And against many of its competitors, SmartForm do not store any data except in your db or your ftp server !

hand-right You're still not satisfied or you have incorrectly encoded important information and nothing works, no worries, you can modify your form at any time via your customer area.